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Our brands


High-performance running shoes and gear

Saucony is an American shoe brand that started as a shoe store in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1898. The brand name comes from the brand’s first factory that was founded on the banks of Saucony Creek in Pennsylvania.

Throughout the past century the brand has produced both ice skates, army boots and shoes for NASA for the first American astronaut walking the moon. In the 1970s the brand found its niche as a premium brand for running shoes.

The product line is composed by a broad variation of shoes and apparel for running, training and an active lifestyle. All products utilizes specific technology relevant to the type of targeted activity. Shoes are also made by focusing on the runner’s foot size, type of running, arch type, pronation, and running location.

Gerisale started its partnership with Saucony in 1982. As of today, Saucony is one the the Nordic countries’ leading brands with a focus on running.


Saucony Originals

A heritage in shoes since 1898

Saucony Originals is the brand for Saucony’s retro styles with new design. Saucony that was founded in 1898 had its big breakthrough in the beginning of the 1980s with the model Jazz, which quickly became a big seller in the US and the Nordic countries. Together with other classic styles like Shadow, Dixon Trainer and the Grid 9000 these make up a collection of lifestyle shoes and sneakers. These are sold at premium retailers for shoes, fashion and lifestyle brands.